Reduce your online marketing charge

We all know the old adage, “You’ve got to spend money to make money.” Generally speaking, it is correct. However, to really make the saying ring true, you have got to add one word: “wisely.” I like to say, “You’ve got to spend money wisely to make money.”

Have you had a website that’s been up for awhile? Have you been frustrated by its lack of success? Do you feel that you are just throwing good money after bad?

If you answered yes to these questions, you need to consider Search Engine Flow. Here at Search Engine Flow we will help you optimize your online marketing and, consequently, reduce your online marketing charge.

The first step to maximizing your advertizing efforts is to make sure your approach to marketing is the correct one. Do you see marketing and advertising as being a cost, something that reduces your profits, or as a method to increase your profits and turn your website into a success?

Hopefully, your mindset is of the latter. Once you see marketing as a way to increase your market share, rather than as a necessary evil, you will realize that the effort and money you put into advertising needs to be, first of all, focused, and, secondly, measurable.


Search Engine Flow will work with you to help you define your:


Market: Who are you selling to?

Competition and your Competitive Alternatives: Who is your direct competition? And what do your customers think are the alternatives to what you are offering?

Messaging and Positioning: What is the message for each of the markets you are targeting? What is the overall mission of your website? What is the message for each of your products or services? Keep it simple for all of these.

Marketing Goals: These can be steps that you will take to get you to your ultimate goal, such as increasing the number of visitors to your site by 60% in order to earn $X in profit.

Marketing Measures: How will you measure your success at achieving your goals.

Tactical Campaign: The campaign plan will lay out all of the work that needs to be done in order for you to reach your goals. This plan will identify who is to do what, how long they have to do it and the costs of each.

Timeline: As you are tracking the completion of the assignments listed in your plan, you will need to ensure that everything is done within the time limits that have been set for them. Failure to meet a sub-deadline, could possibly have ramifications on other tasks and your overall success. DEAN KIRKLAND SEO will plot the progress of each task on a timeline for you, so that you can always know how your plan is progressing.

At Search Engine Flow we stress that everything we do with our clients must be measurable. This includes the effort and time we will put into reducing your online marketing costs. When you sign up with Search Engine Flow, you can be assured that you will receive customized marketing reports that will give you the power you need to modify your marketing campaign quickly and effectively, keep marketing costs down and, most importantly, give you the success you know your website should be.


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