C.Link Building

A basic how-to for building 1 way links using a 3 way linking system.

1. Find 10 websites that you want to get a link from. In order to keep track of them all, list them out in an excel file.

2. Add/publish the websites to your link directory or directory website.

3. Draft the emails to go out to your 10 potential link partners. Your emails should include the link to where their website is listed in our directory, and the information that you want them to add to their website.

4. After your 10 emails are proof read and everything looks good, send them out. At this point it’s important to mark down in your excel file what date you sent the initial link exchange requests.

5. Follow up! This is probably the most important step, follow up about 3 to 5 days after you sent the initial link exchange emails out, to see if the potential link partners added your link. If they didn’t add your link email them a second time.

6. Follow up again! At this point it should be about 7 to 10 days since the initial request. If the prospective link partner didn’t add your site after the second email you sent them, remove their site from your directory page.

Make sure to email the owner of the site you removed. Explain to them (keep it short and sweet) that you removed their link because they didn’t link back to you. This is your third and final email to the prospective link partner. This last and final email is super important because many times it’s what finally grabs the person’s attention on the other end of your link exchange request.

7. Wrap it up and move on… Mark it down in your excel file if the prospective link partner did or did not link back to you. Even if they didn’t link back to you, keep track of it in your excel file so you have a solid record of the sites you attempted to reach out and connect with.

Repeat steps 1 through 7 for each of your projects several times a week if possible. Generally speaking, the more requests you send out = the more links you’re going to receive. Don’t forget, follow through with each request to make sure that your directory isn’t draining your link juice and your Pagerank.

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