Cost Effectiveness of SEO

GOT TRAFFIC? Just because you have traffic doesn’t mean it’s the right kind of traffic. We specialize in finding, then bringing the right kind of customers for your business by using SEO. Customers that help your maximize your return on investment or ROI.

RANKING; Unless you’re in the industry, you’ve probably never heard of Dean Kirkland SEO until now. Or you could be here because your company is no where to be found in the search engines but your competitor is everywhere. Sound familiar?

Diving into the search marketing realm for the first time?

We’d like the opportunity to give your website more search engine visibility.

Our search consultant specializes in helping you achieve optimum search engine visibility with your existing website or web page. Or we can build a new website for your business, from the ground up. There’s a reason why we do well… we love Search Marketing and we respect the rules search engines have given us. Algorithm engineers have built a brilliant platform and system for your website to be found. Let us help you devise a plan to maximize your website’s potential using our internet marketing skills.

THE PROCESS does take time, usually about a 6 months to achieve satisfactory results. But keep in mind, the end result, the TRAFFIC, quality traffic makes it worth it. Let us help you get started with a web marketing plan to get your website listed in Google Adwords and the organic sections of search engines – starting out for as little as $100 per month. For more competitive markets we recommend a search marketing budget of $500.00 per month.

If you’re a business looking to increase sales or traffic we can help.
E-commerce Solutions, SEO & Search Engine Marketing are just a few of our specialties. The bottom line is if you have a business, and you’re looking to increase sales or traffic we can help you develop a web marketing plan and achieve your goals.

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