Pay Per Click

The key to growing your web business through pay per click (ppc) is through measuring your traffic and converting with metrics. Finding the correct levels to bid on the right mix of key terms can maximize your ppc advertising dollar, and hand picking the keywords we target can be an art form. We start out with a large group of somewhat relevant words, then narrow down to the absolute core. Group your keywords tightly is our motto here, then use intelligent, relevant word usage for ads.

What are the results?

We use tracking software to monitor the results after running campaigns for a few days. We look at which terms are driving the most traffic and concentrate on those to maximize the return on investment. Next we’re looking at the conversion of the landing page, as some terms do better than others for a landing page design. Are more than half of the people that hit your landing page leaving? What else are you offering on your landing page?

Things you should consider about PPC.

Every time they click on your ad, you’re paying for it. This technique will get you instant traffic and is great for market research. If done correctly, you can have a successful online presence through pay-per-click advertising, but be careful. You can spend a lot of money this way and not get any closer to a long term goal of being an established site that ranks organically. For that kind of result, you should see our SEM page.